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NEW! Background scenery for "Hans Christian Andersen."

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Steve Gallant

Amongst other video services, I provide designs for stage projections for theatrical shows, school productions, concerts, dance festivals, corporate events, digital advertising signs, or just about anything that can utilise mid- or big-screen projections. I can also offer services that compliment your projections like music and sound effects.

What I do differently is my best to work realise YOUR vision within YOUR budget.

Projected backdrops are a cost-effective and modern way to enhance staged events. They can be used in place of expensive and cumbersome set pieces, as either backgrounds or to play through scene changes. This is an ever-more popular trend used in both amateur and professional productions, worldwide.

You could rent premade projection scenery from somewhere else, or, for not much difference in price, you could get YOUR ideas designed so your production is special and uniquely your own.

I offer a friendly, affordable and professional service. No job is too small, so please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Let me bring your imagination to LIGHT.

I have worked on theatrical projects including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Les Misérables, Guys 'n' Dolls, Sister Act, Legally Blonde, Shakespeare's The Tempest, Alice, Olivia!, FAME: The Musical, Bad Girls, High School Musical, HAIR, School of Rock, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Bugsy Malone, Chicago, Evita, Peter Pan: The Musical, The Addams Family Musical, Matilda the Musical Jr and more.

Visit the gallery to see examples of past projects. Perhaps this will provide you with some inspiration for your project.