How it works

After you contact me, I will discuss your ideas in more detail. This can be done via Skype, Google Hangout or phone call. A face-to-face meeting may be possible, depending on your location.

Once I have your ideas, I will provide either digital sketches or story boards for your still or animated images. From these we will work together to ensure the final images or animation sequences will meet your visual concepts.

Just so you can prepare, some of things I'll ask and discuss with you will include:

  • What kind of venue is the project for: A theatre? A meeting facility? A school hall? This will lead to some more technical questions like the dimensions and aspect ratio of the projector screen(s), if it's back- or forward-projected, the number of screens, its placement on the surface relative to actors standing in front (or behind) it, etc.
  • What would you like me to do for you: Projections? Animations? Music and/or sound effects? All of them?
  • Should the projections be 'to scale' to the actors? In other words, should the actors appear to be standing in front of appropriately sized objects in the projection? This is taken into consideration when I design the images.
  • What's your budget and when do you need the final product by?
  • Can you source your own projector(s)? Does the theatre have any in its inventory? There may be equipment rental fees to consider. (At this point, I cannot source any equipment for your project, but I can probably help you find someone who can.)
  • Have you talked to your lighting designer(s)? They will want to know what you have in mind from an early stage. Ideally, lights and projections need to work together (compliment each other) or one will wash out (or otherwise interfere) with the other. We can all be friends, though! I will be happy to liaise with your lighting people.
  • Do you require any projection mapping?
  • What creative ideas do you have in mind? Tell us everything!

This will kick-off a collaboration made in heaven. Even long-distance, I can communicate and you'll be able to see the progress of work as it goes along through online file sharing. I can liaise with you as often as you like during the life cycle of the project.

On completion you will have a quality product which reflects your artistic vision.