Editing & Post Production

StageProjections.uk can do video editing and save you the trouble.  Consider us when planning post-production on your next project.

HIT Training Ltd offer an online workshop for chef apprentices based in the United Kingdom.  To produce this, most of their training programmes were video recorded to facilitate the ability to teach remotely due to COVID-19.

Now, these videos form a core component of their learning platform, many of which are embedded into PowerPoint decks.  The ability to replay these on demand saves time and money when repeating learning content to different cohorts.

These two trailers were made from over 100 hours of combined footage across three camera angles, specifically timed to selected music, and enhanced with modern transitions.

This project was developed as an informational video which gathered source materials (videos, photos and music) to assemble a dramatic presentation about Bermuda.

Editing techniques are clearly demonstrated.

Features music composed by Thomas J. Bergersen & Nick Phoenix, Cliff Eidelman and Mark Snow.