Special Animations

The animations on this page were for special projects where only one or two sequences were needed (versus projecting the whole production).  Hope you enjoy them as much as they were fun to make.

"Four Seasons" tribute band logo

Once in a while, I get to glitz up a logo.  Here's one for a Frank Valli (Four Seasons) tribute band.

Gold mine chase

Inspired by the infamous cart chase sequence in the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, this was done for a London pantomime company and presented in the Greenwich Theatre.  The cast sat in a practical cart on stage as the animation projected behind them.

Music composed by JOHN WILLIAMS. Excerpt from "Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom" (1984).  © Paramount Pictures.

Growing vines

A simple animation meant to depict the growing of vines, taking over everything (ala Sleeping Beauty).

Murder Mystery setting: palatial living room setting (fireplace, loopable)

A special request for a dinner theatre group that wanted a loopable scene depicting a plush living room setting with a looping fireplace setting, for a murder mystery.

Photos courtesy The Bolney Players

Ship in a storm

A special request for an animation that depicts an old ship caught up in a whirlpool/tornado at sea, leading to its destruction.