Here's what can (and cannot) offer you...

  • When you engage with us, we will do your projection slides, animations, cues, etc. This can be provided in most formats, you just need to let us know what you need.
  • The projections will (by default) remain the intellectual property of . You will have unlimited allowance to use and re-use the projections within your organisation. You may redistribute to any bona fide affiliate organisation, but you are not allowed to resell or redistribute to the general public.
  • reserves the right to re-licence out the projections to other organisations. If you want exclusive rights to the projections, we will negotiate a fee that will be added on to your initially commissioned price.
  • cannot offer or obtain projection equipment or screens, or any staging materials. We can offer advice on how and where to acquire these items. Have a look here if you wish to get some recommendations for dealers of equipment.
  • Although it is entirely at your discretion, if you feel you have received great service, we would appreciate a credit in your production programme, along the lines of:

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